Veetle: Share / Record Videos And Watch Free TV, Sports, Movies On Android / iPhone / iPad

Veetle has been one of the most exciting web apps on world wide web these days. It all started out as an idea of connecting and communicating people using live video. Users can easily share live video without the hassle of expensive gear and software. Apart from sharing privately, users can make channels go public. And when that happens, its good news overall. There are more than 250 visible channels at all times, running different content.

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Animation, comedy, education, gaming, entertainment, shows, sports, music, news and religion are major categories laid down. Most of the channels are available in full HD. Yet, it all depends on what quality content the user is streaming. Moving on, the breakthrough comes in with the release of Mobile App by Veetle. Concept stays the same, yet becomes completely portable. Users can enjoy the same privileges as of desktop version. Moreover, by registering an account, users can broadcast content from their cell phones. Again, the recorded content can be streamed and shared on Veetle. Its fast, amazing and works just perfect.

This app has been successfully tested on Android devices such as Galaxy S, Xperia Pro, Nexus S, Asus Transformer, Galaxy Tab.

Download Veetle by searching on Android App Market or App Store on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)

scan the QR code (Android users)


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