Veho Mimi Wireless Gamepad Keyboard

Veho Mimi Wireless Gamepad Keyboard Is A Cool Device For HTPC And PC Gamers

Veho, a company known for the production of world’s smallest camcorder now comes up with a Gamepad keyboard. HTPC users always face the issue of space as they need to use the old style space grabbing mouse and keyboards. Veho Mimi Wireless Gamepad Keyboard has solved this problem.

Let’s have a look at some of its features, Veho Mimi Wireless Gamepad Keyboard:

  • has a built in gyroscope so it can be used as a 3D mouse
  • has a built-in 8-way gamepad with dual thumb sticks
  • will let you surf the web and  allow you to turn your HTPC into a full on gaming fit
  • has 20 hour run time per charge and a wireless range of 10 meters
  • has Mimi WiFi Keyboard & Air Mouse with game controller
  • has included a motion sensor to control the mouse
  • come with separate buttons for left- and right-clicking and a range of around 33 feet
  • has compatibility with both Windows and Mac 

Veho Mimi Wireless Gamepad Keyboard


Its market price is £90. Buy it, try it and share your experience with us 😉 

[ VIA: Engadget ]


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