View / Edit & Share DWG AutoCAD Files On Android

View / Edit & Share DWG AutoCAD Files On Android

Some engineers carrying smart phones, using android platform are able to deploy these phones to different aspects of their career. These days designers, architects and engineers can use their smartphones to carry their portfolios around and now they can edit their designs and other aspects of a project by simply using a free app named AutoCAD. Autodesk Inc, recently launched AutoCAD WS for mobile. According to developers ‘it gives you the freedom and flexibility to view, edit and share your DWG files.

This app is a tool which will let AutoCAD users edit DWG files up to some extent, add quick notes and efficiently share their files. This app if developed strategically can later have the potential to be one of the leading apps in android market. For now it’s a good start and direction by Autodesk. Inc and considering it’s free in market, professionals can try it out without any risk.

This Android app syncs with your AutoCAD online account, meaning any quick edits done will be updated on each side.

View / Edit & Share DWG AutoCAD Files On Android

A great Android app, available for Free in the market.


To download
– scan the QR code
– or search AppMonster in Market


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