Saturday, September 26, 2020

Warner Bros Plan To Stream Movies On Facebook

Warner Bros were keen to leverage the great amount of traffic on Facebook for quite a long time. When Facebook started there was a system of credits, which were used to purchase virtual gifts and drinks etc. but that was fun, now they took it seriously and employed this functionality for viewing movies. The result is fun with practicality and usefulness.

Warner Bros Plan To Stream Movies On Facebook Start With BatmanAs everything goes more online, the diskette buying is decreasing very fast because no one has the time to first order and then see, maybe a new movie comes in market in the mean time, and its hard to get yourself motivated to go out and buy, so arranging a solution for this problem Warner bros made use of the Facebook’s functionality of credits and its large amount of online traffic. The usage is very simple , you buy credits through your credit card e.g. paying 3 dollars and they give you time of 48 hours to play a movie with play, pause, go back, forward functionalities,while playing movie you can have fully functional Facebook as usual.

Thomas Gewecke is aware of the digital distribution needs, and already expressed his concerns for increasing the supply through, where online channel is the one which will remain in the future. The plan is perfectly practical and hopes to get the viewers more convenience than before and to increase sales. Batman and the Dark Knight are the first ones to be shown on Facebook fan pages.

[ VIA: TGdaily ]


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