Check Out New Weather App For Android By Miui [Free Android App]

Miui weather App For AndroidIf you are tired with the old weather widget that is built into Samsung Galaxy S and want a new styled weather app for your Android device with great animation and support your area? Then don’t get disappointed with the old, boring looks of your weather app as MIUI has launched the beta version of MIUI Weather app. MarkHuk has developed the MIUI weather app. It is known as an alternative that works nicely for weather widget on your Android Devices. Now you can enjoy watching weather news with new Miui Weather app.

The MIUI widget comes with exclusive animation and supports geo location in Beta version (with few bugs though).MIUI weather app supports most of the US and Europe. You need to search your specific area’s apk file. You need to select the correct apk before downloading.

The app can be downloaded for free as a working flashable zip file.




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