Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Web Resizer: Free Online Image Resizing Tool With Preview

Previously we have had reviewed best Photoshop like online editors. Some of these editors were full featured online tools which couldn’t override the weightage of a desktop software but had their own presence and feel to it. Yet to resize images on the go, it is a bit hasty and long project. You create a file, upload a photo, crop it, make adjustments and so on.image

This time we bring you Web Resizer. A simple to use online tool with a decent start and an end. Upload an image (no more than 5MB in size) and start doing the resize tweaks. User can define new size, rotation, sharpen and image quality. While changes are being made, quick preview can be viewed on the top with original and optimized image side by side. image

Further on user can set tint, exposure, contrast and color saturation. Square or circled border can be added to the image with controlled padding and edges. Apply the changes and save the optimized image. A great free tool to make quick tweaks before presentations, quick uploads and what not.

Access Web Resizer

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