WebSharing Wirelessly Transfer Files Between Desktop And Android

Looking for a way to transfer files without a root? As well all know there are many apps available to transfer files in either way for root devices. Yet we hardly go through any for un-rooted devices. WebSharing File/Media Sync is a great Android app which lets you transfer and view files of all sorts, be it music, pictures, or videos.

Wirelessly Transfer Files Between Android and PC with WebSharing

WebSharing turns your device into a live web server, which can be easily accessed through your computer’s browser. There are two versions available, lite and full. The Lite version gives you a basic file manager whereas the full version lets you upload multiple files in bulk, webdav access and multimedia file viewing.

websharing android

Install the app, and configure the settings with a password. The app will display the URL which you can add to the browser and access the file manager. The web interface is similar to any desktop manager, you can access files, music, photos, and videos and check the status of file transfers being made. To download multiple files Ctrl + click to select files and from a file, menu select Download Selected. Uploading works similarly, right click and select upload file. A simple, easy-to-use tool is available in the Market. It is similar in control and functionality but still doesn’t beat our top-of-list Lazy Droid. WebSharing Wirelessly Transfer Files Between Desktop And Android

To download

– scan the QR code
Google Play Store

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