Webstagram: Web Interface For Famous iOS Photo Sharing App Instagram

webstagram-wow-techyInstagram users, are excited for sure since they can now simply use the same Instagram credentials and login to the web app, but wait a second a quick overview for new readers, that Instagram is a famous app available on iOS devices which lets users capture and share pictures based on filters and tags.

Webstagram is a third party browsers developed by Instagram users. Users of Instagram can login and run queries such as popular, hot and photo of the day. Popularity is further categorized into photo, tags and users.  Content search can be done in terms of keywords, be it username or tags.  Pictures can be viewed without being logged in. Eventually Instagram users work would be available for world wide web. Not to forget platforms like Google images.

Overall interface is sharp and easy to use with visibility options such as grid and list. In the recent updates users can post comment with emoticons and photo albums can be created. Photo albums are integrated with Keepsy (instant album creator). On the end note, a great addition for iOS photographers which lets users view pictures, like, unlike, comment, browse tag, view followers and follow others. Feel free to add anything in comment box.

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