What Is Clipboard In Windows 10 And How To Use It?

Copy paste functionality is one of those fundamental keys which is available across operating systems and platforms. Dependent on the nature of work – we definitely use copy or cut many times during one computer sitting. At times – its intense. Windows 10 comes with a useful built-in tool called Clipboard, which allows user to manage the copy activity and hold more than one item at an instance to paste. In other words, when you copy or cut something, it is copied to the clipboard for you to paste. This gives user the flexibility to select and paste already copied items – as needed.

clipboard view on desktop (Windows key + V)

Windows Key + V : quick short cut to access clipboard right from desktop. As we just turned it on and off to show the first prompt which will be visible. Clipboards gets populated with items as you copy or cut any item. Good examples would be links, text, images etc.

Populated Clipboard

To use any item from the clipboard, to open the clipboard again using the shortcut key (Windows + V). Clipboard will appear where ever the cursor is on screen. Select the item and item is visible.

Windows Settings for Clipboard

Explore further by performing a search for Clipboard and open Settings. User is able to:

  • turn on clipboard history (by default it will be off)
  • sync across devices. This feature allows you to share clipboard data across devices.
  • clear clipboard data. This will clear everything except pinned items. (yes you can pin items in the clipboard too).

Clipboard is a good addition for everyday Windows user.

Having issues, get help with Windows Support for Clipboard.


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