What Is Crowdsourcing? Infographic

In this article, we present an information graphic that tells us about crowdsourcing! What it is about? who uses it? how big is it? what are the benefits and downsides of it? It is the practice of companies making an open call to solve a problem, through competition or collaboration. Crowd outsourcing is everywhere. It is used by a number of brands in collaboration with the internet (of course).

A visual explanation of crowdsourcing

The infographic has a calm but dark color theme to it. It’s text heavy and it sort of blends in well with the black background and defined text accents. Lastly, we are presented with the benefits and downsides of crowd outsourcing. By involving more people – one can expect refined solutions and that becomes the outcome of crowd outsourcing in most cases.

visual explanation of crowdsourcing infographic

via: makeuseof

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