WhatsApp Plus For Android, Customize Conversations, Chats, Contacts And More

WhatsApp is one of the most popular IM clients available on all devices. (Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone 7). The only thing which lacks is complete customization within the platform it self. Developer at XDA has done some major tweaks and improvements. This ‘customizable’ version called WhatsApp Plus is available free of cost (not from Google Play as of yet). Users can completely customize the appearance of IM platform, be it conversations, chats, and contacts. Users have the ability to restore previously saved customizations from SD Card.

What is required? Simply download the file (link provided at the end). Make sure to uninstall Whatsapp Official app before installing this. If not, then a ‘not installed’ error would come in place. Rest, the usage is similar to the original version. Its just more customizable!.

The app is stable on its own and has received a number of updates since it floated on XDA. To find out more, before downloading check out some videos created by developers here.

Click here to download WhatsApp Plus For Android.

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