Why Canva is King? —The Hot Design App Reviewed


If you are a content creator, a graphic designer, or even a writer, you have heard of Canva, the design app. It is a godsend for many creators as it gives you the freedom to create an extensive range of designs and content through an easy-to-use interface. With over 30 million users and a $6 billion valuation, It is perhaps one of the most popular graphic design software. In this post, we will be reviewing the design app and some of its best features.

Perks and Features

Let’s talk about some of the critical factors that make this app the talk of the town.

Great Pre-Made Templates

Canva’s best-selling feature is its never-ending scroll of professionally designed templates.
If you need a quick design this app is the best solution for you. You can quickly design social media postings in bulk, a card for your personal event, or even a professional banner for a seminar. Furthermore, it is also great for ebooks, photo albums, and even infographics. The options this creative app provides are endless.

Pre-defined Sizes

Pre-defined sizing scheme of social media posts is a huge time saver for graphic designers. While creating a new image, the app gives you the option to select design sizes from a wide range of collections. Some of the options include Stories, posts, banners, etc. This ensures that designers don’t have to worry about sizes. And that we will have the perfect-sized post, every single time.

Photo Effects and Enhancement Capabilities

Canva features photo-enhancing effects and a wide range of editing capabilities.
Users can easily flip images, crop them, and apply filters. Canva can also alter image brightness, contrast, saturation, and tint.

There’s also an effects tab equipped with Auto enhance, Duotone, Liquify, and several other effects. The free plan allows you to access the majority of effects, but some functions, such as Background Remover, require a paid membership.

Easy-to-Use Mobile App

The one true gem of Canva is its all-encompassing mobile app. There isn’t much that you can’t do with the mobile application. It simplifies the process of creating content and designs on the go. For people that have no time to spare, this app is a true lifesaver. Very few graphic designing software have mobile applications that are just as powerful as their desktop variant. And this is what makes it so popular worldwide.

It’s Free! (Well Mostly…)

While Canva’s Pro version houses some of the best features and media, the free version is no joke either. You can design pretty much everything depending on your abilities. However, there is a limit to what functionality is available for free. You’ll have access to a few features in the free version, but upgrading to Pro for $12.95 a month will give you access to even more capabilities so you can have full freedom to create captivating content.

Design with Ease Through Canva

Why Canva is King? —The Hot Design App Reviewed

While Graphic design apps aren’t new, Canva stands out from the others due to its accessibility, ease of use, and multi-platform compatibility. Through Canva you can easily create an extensive range of content. From images to ebooks Canva does it all! So what are you waiting for? Download the app now, and start creating!

Rimsha Salam

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