Windows Phone 7 Got Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft aimed to include a mobile version of the company’s popular Office suite when launching Windows Phone 7. You just have to go to the Office hub on your WP7 and start work on your Microsoft Office documents including;


Microsoft Word Mobile, Microsoft Excel Mobile, Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile, Microsoft OneNote Mobile, Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile

-Edit on the go:

Microsoft Office Mobile lets you edit Office documents on your phone. You can quickly fix a small typo in a Word document, add a last-minute number into an Excel workbook, or add some final notes to a PowerPoint presentation.

-Presentations with PowerPoint Mobile:

Simply open a copy of your presentation on your phone, reviews it, and practice presenting the important points.

-OneNote Mobile

OneNote Mobile lets you take and read notes and keep them in sync in one place. All your notes stay in sync; you are able to see them at your computer or on your phone.

-SharePoint Workspace

SharePoint Workspace Mobile lets you view, edit, and save Microsoft Office documents that are on a SharePoint 2010 site, which is a website that lets you and others share documents and ideas. You and other people can make and save changes to docs on your phone and changes will be displayed on the SharePoint site.

Did you tried Microsoft Office Suite working on your WP7? Do let us know about your experiences.

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