First Words ABC: Fill the Gap Is A Usefull Educaitonal Android App

Mobiles can be a source of education as well. The application First Words ABC: Fill the Gap is complete software teaching different combination of vowels and consonants to the users. It is a smart Android app and attractive for the children. This free Android app is based on the idea of language learning through games. Hundreds of schools around the world are using the same tact to teach kids the basics of language by activities designed. So in the First Words ABC: Fill the Gap, the user plays with the varied features of vowels, diphthongs and combination of consonants.  The setting is very well operated. The game starts with a beautiful and alive colored screen with all the catchy animations. Smudges are provided in order to create new blends of alphabets. Smudges play amusement when they move from corner to corner in order to give your child a tough ordeal. It is not only a refreshing game but a learning tool. Many of the viewers will see and get it.

Its cost is merely $0.99. It has won 3 scores out of 5. You can download it right now.


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