WordTune – Writing Assistant Web App Review

WordTune - Writing Assistant Web App Review

If you are a writer or in any way associated with writing, chances are that you have heard of WordTune. It is an AI re-writing tool that is steadily gaining popularity online.

You can use Wordtune to improve the clarity of your content. It’s an easy-to-use tool that makes your copy easier to read and understand. All in one, you’ll get a grammar checker, spelling tool, and article rewriter. Multiple pricing plans are available, so there is an option for everyone.

Wordtune can be used as a browser extension or through its web apps editor. Currently, it does not have any desktop or smartphone app.


  • WordTune has a Free Use plan.
  • The assistant is easy to use.
  • Setup is quick and straightforward.


  • WordTune doesn’t have a desktop app.
  • The assistant cannot be used offline.
  • The smartphone app is not available.

Key Features

WordTune has a lot to offer, from its word finder to its multi-lingual capabilities, the writing assistant is a brilliant tool for writers of all sorts. Here we will discuss some of its most outstanding features and attributes.

Amazing Rewriting Capabilities

Without a doubt, Wordtune is one of the finest rewriting tools I’ve ever used. You don’t have to spend hours editing content to create remarkable content. The AI assistant does the job for you in mere seconds.

WordTune - Writing Assistant Web App Review

Suggestions Capability

Another one of WordTune’s great features is its suggestions capability. While initially, it may sound like just another synonym suggesting a feature, in truth it’s much more than that. Unlike other suggestion and thesaurus tools, WordTune actually suggests words that relate in meaning.

Length Control & Tone of Voice Capabilities

The editor allows multiple ways to re-write your text. You can change the tone of voice of your writing. As well as modify the length of your sentences.

The formal tone of voice functionality allows you to craft content best for professional settings. For example emails and corporate ads. While the casual one can be used to write in a layback/ conversational way that will entice readers.

The premium version of WordTune allows you to shorten or expand your text. This feature is particularly useful for writing tweets and meeting required word limits.

WordTune - Writing Assistant Web App Review

WordTune Free Plan VS. Premium

The free version of WordTune is limited in terms of re-writes and functionalities. You can’t use the Shorten & Expand features and your rewrites are limited to only 10 per day per account. Despite all this, the free version is still quite useful for writers on a budget.

The premium version of the AI-rewriter is available at $9.99 a month. However, you can save up to 60% by billing annually instead of monthly. WordTune’s premium version is best for those who have a heavy writing schedule. You get all the powerful features with unlimited re-writes all at a great price.

WordTune also offers a Premium version for teams. You will need to contact them to learn more about the plan and how to avail it for your business or agency.


All in all, WordTune is a great tool and writing assistant if you want to rewrite your copy in a jiffy. In fact, I have used this very tool to improve some sentences of this article as well! WordTune combines the functionality of a grammar checker with an AI editor and gives you an all-in-one tool to improve your writing.

If you write regularly, such as blog posts and copy for websites, social media, emails, and more, or if you regularly create content of any kind, you’ll find both the free and paid versions to be extremely helpful and invaluable.

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