Friday, November 15, 2019

World’s Largest LED Internet TV Unveiled by Sharp [WT News]

Yesterday, Sharp introduced a new line of television sets and boasted its 80 inch LED LCD TV, which will make it the world’s “largest available LED” Backlit set. I remember just a couple of years back it was almost unheard of for a consumer to afford something this gigantic. Even now its not cheap at $5499.99 (suggested retail price) but with a TV as big as yourself, its worth every penny for the bragging rights.



Here is a run down of what this line can do. According to Sharp, this 80-inch model LC-80LE632U “features full-array LED back lighting, a 120Hz Fine Motion refresh rate, built-in Wi-Fi, 6,000,000 dynamic contrast ratio and the Aquos Advantage Smart TV app system”.  With the TV App system you will be able to use your TV as an internet streaming device through apps like  Netflix, CinemaNow and Vudoo. Plus you get two USB inputs for images, music and HD video playback capability built in.



So we asked ourselves, what else makes this TV set news worthy. Our answer came down to the following new features. Firstly, apart from being so big that you could put a pillow and take a nap on it, this 80 incher has one very neat feature added to it, the Sharp Advantage Live. What this does is basically allow the Sharp Service technicians to service your TV remotely through the internet connection. This is perfect for those couch potatoes and TV fanatics. Lastly, this television uses so less energy that it will only cost you measly $22 for one year of average use.   Wow Techy gives this TV a thumbs up for its kool factor.

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