Friday, April 10, 2020

A WowTechy Comparison Of iPhone, Android, And Symbian Mobile App Dev Platforms

Mobile is the future is one of the emerging concepts of today’s world just like once ‘World has become a global village’ was. Three famous mobile application development platforms: iPhone, Android and Symbian are the key tools playing a very important role for the realization of this latest emerging concept. In this article we will discuss the present state and future predictions relating to the acceptance of these platforms.

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At the moment the iPhone by Apple is the most famous mobile application development platform, which is fully justified with its magnificent app store which has not only revolutionized the way we use applications but also the way we make and distribute them. Then comes the Android, which is the fastest growing mobile application development platform. There are a lot of factors contributing to its success such as its open source platform, free or cheap mobile apps availability and most importantly it is being backed by big technology giants such as Google and HTC. Although Symbian which is backed by Nokia, by numbers has the largest portion of mobile devices in this world at the moment, yet it failed to get the developers intention and couldn’t appeal both users and developers due to the strict monetary nature of Nokia.

In future, we can feel that Android will come head to head with the iPhone app development platform as the number of manufacturers supporting it will grow.  Other factor contributing to the rise of the Android is the platform specific nature of the iPhone app development – which is the biggest shortcoming of Android’s rival Apple (though this is not thought shortcoming or drawback by Apple lovers, yet it is another reason just like Nokia’s strict monetary nature which in future can become a cause of developer’s lack of interest in it). On the contrary Android is truly open platform and we can predict that iPhone and Android will become a case like Pepsi and coke, both will be good and both will be famous. Symbian on the contrast due to its undisclosed roadmap will lose the attention of the developers. Although the hype created by Nokia N8 is generating some interest in this platform but the future depends on the success of such other devices supporting the Symbian platform.

Check out the graph – though Symbian has major market share at the moment, yet if you analyze closely the growth rate of different OS from previous year to this year, you’ll see that Android has got an unbelievable jump in growth which predicts the future, yet let’s see.

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