WT Guide: How To Root Motorola Atrix With One Click

Atrix by Motorola, as we all know as the Dual-Core Beast. Claimed to be world’s most powerful smartphone with a 4 inch QHD display surely does stand out in most of the smart devices made by the same manufacturer. With a huge screen, it comes preloaded with 2.3 Gingerbread, HD camera / playback and fast processing. According to reviews, it is one decent device. But definately, not the best one when compared to other dual-core, fast processing smartphones.

WT Guide: How To Root Motorola Atrix With One Click

Moving on from the overview of the device it self, in this post we present a guide; which shows Atrix users how to root the device. Why would you want to root it? Oh well, to get to the core access to system and apps related to it. The device on its own has received some appreciation from consumers and developers at both sides. Atrix is fast and it deserved some core-experimentation which developers appreciated. According to developers at XDA, this root works well!.

Root Atrix With Single Click Method:

1. Enable USB debugging by navigating to Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > Enable USB Debugging  and Unkown Sources.

2. Download One Click Root for Atrix (click here). Open the archive and displace the files properly on desktop etc.

3. Download Atrix drivers for Windows

click here to download for 32 bit
click here to download for 64 bit

4. Connect Atrix with USB cable.

5. Do not mount any drive from Atrix.

6. Open the Atrix Folder, which you downloaded already in step 2.

7. Click and run on RunMe.bat file and follow the instructions on screen.

8. Wait for the device to restart.

And you have successfully rooted Motorola Atrix. To test the root, check to see if you have superuser installed. Download some rooted Android apps as well to do some more testing. Now you have core access to your device!

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