WWF Prepares iPhone App That Is Named 60+

Living in this technological era we can’t say any thing is impossible. Technology can get uphold to any manual thing and develop its technological replica. You all might be familiar with the WWF’s annual Earth Hour campaign. This is turned into an iPhone app that is named 60+. isn’t it amazing?

The campaign is all about doing activity to help our planet Earth for an hour. This iPhone app will help ordinary people get done with amazing things in form of simple given tasks. This task will take an hour time to complete and you need to do this once a year.

Earth Hour App

WWF App For iOS

This app is created by WWF with the help of Leo Burnett Group, one of them state about this app “is all about taking Earth Hour a step further by encouraging people to do things to help the planet every day, not just for that one hour,” “Everything was drawn by hand — even the badges were hand-sewn.”

This free iPhone app is available on iTunes Link with the name of 60+. The app works are based on location services with a list of to-dos and checkins. Soon this will be available in the form of game so to have competition among people.

This free iPhone app seems much interesting. Be the one first to complete your task for your planet.




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