Xobni Announced Sign Up For Gmail, iPhone And Android

Xobni make their self available for Beta and Alpha testing with the announcement that they’re coming to Gmail, Android and iPhone. They are planning to head over to sign up for Gmail Beta, Android Alpha and iPhone Alpha.

Xobni Signup

With Gmail beta it comes as a browser plug-in for Chrome and Firefox that would be seen as a sidebar in Gmail to help users for search. The awesome feature is that it will create a rich profile to who so ever you will email through Gmail. This features some how the other reflects the expectation of user for the Outlook product. The rich profile has a composite of name, job title, picture, social network details and company details.

Xobni is putting their efforts to come up with features like relationship history, predictive autosuggest concerned with contacts and multimedia module to get knowledge about social insights. Well this is interesting that Xobni is trying to make itself compatible with Google Apps to streamline things for small business.





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