YouTube Go Is Yet Another Cool Android App For Kids [Free Android App]

Google always cared for its users and the same blessings are being done  for Android users. Google’s Android have reshaped the Smartphones market and availability of low cost or even free apps is just more than awesome. Mobiles based on Android platform not only facilitate the youngsters and business people but kids as well. Android mobiles have such applications that keep entertaining kids and young children.

YouTube Go is another Android Application customized for kids. This allows kids to view videos on YouTube as application has application has a huge database of videos that are tailorized for young children and kids entertainment.Videos are not allowed to download and stored, you need network access to watch them.


YouTube Go Is Yet Another Cool Android App For Kids [Free Android App]


Children can watch videos like Dora the Explorer, Wonder pets, iCarly, Ni Hao Kai Lan, Yo Gabba!, Shrek, Toy Story, Bob the Builder, the Wiggles, Wubbzy, Hannah Montana and more.

Your Android phone lessens your burden especially for parents, they don’t need to neither buy cartoon movies for their kids nor need to get worried about what their kids are viewing because the access is limited.

This application for kids is free to download. Obtain it from this LINK .




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