Zen Viewer Is A Cool Document Manager Application for iPad

Apple introduced a new app for iPad that is Zen Viewer– it works for document filing, viewing, and sharing with option of uploading and downloading documents on your device. It is a paid application worth $2.99 only.  It is a customized application with a huge collection of functionalities like skinning. Skinning allows you to choose for any color scheme and texture either for free or paid ones. This application allows you to configure the interface according to your likeness.

Zen Viewer Is A Cool Document Manager Application for iPadOne of this application’s features it Preview which gives you a thumbnail and make the file available with metadata without opening it. It can access different files types including PDFs, images as slideshows, Microsoft Office documents, Pages and Numbers files, EPUB books and many sound formats. You can also add sound notes to your document as well. Another feature is bookmark that creates shortcuts for you within your document by marking different points of location. To have a quick access to your file you can mark “Favorites” as well. You can add password to secure your files and folders through Zen Viewer.

It is an easy application with many access features. You can use Google docs, direct Wi-Fi connections or iTunes over USB all of these modes are available in this application. It provides you with subfolders options to get your documents organized. You can limit and filter your searches with document type and extensions.

This application is worthy to use for your iPad. Don’t miss it.

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