Mobile Mimamori 005Z Is A Single Button Security Mobile For Your Kids

A child with a phone is a nightmare for us but the people living in Japan can be benefited to it.  Softbank and ZTE are given another try to a single button connectivity device named”Mimamori Mobile SoftBank 005Z” that is limited to a one-button approach at your fingertips. The phone act as an alert system: when the cord is pulled, a loud buzzer sounds and SMS and voice messages contain the kids location are sent to emergency numbers. Voice Dialing 1 for pre-contact can be limited to a maximum of 20 people you call, it can not be connected to the Internet and can be completely cut off from email and internet problems.

Some of the features are that it is a waterproof phone with safety and ease of use has been achieved. You can easily use the mobile-only rate plan charm only 490 yen monthly fee. It will be available by mid of March, 2011.

Press Release:

“Mobile Mimamori 005Z”,
Japan PTA Council approved the recommendation of products
easily available inJapan– special rate plans – the basic charge 490 yen

February 7, 2011

SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp., used with confidence to the elderly age groups from pre-school children in a simple operation, with mobile security buzzer “Mimamori Mobile SoftBank 005Z” (ZTE-made, the “mobile” Mimamori), 2 2011 May 1 (Tuesday), Japan National Council for PTA (the Japanese PTA) because you have been notified of the recommendation approved products. The “mobile” Mimamori is scheduled to launch in mid-March since 2011.

The PTA in Japan in the regular school through PTA activities, social education in our country, striving to enhance education, social education, and deepen cooperation in education and family education, promotion of welfare and balance the sound upbringing of children is a social education organization that aims to contribute to social development. This time, PTA from Japan, “mobile” Mimamori, the PTA as a result of careful examination of Japan in accordance with rules established by recommendation, “a well considered” educational evaluation and you led to the recommendation.

“Mobile” Mimamori is safe to use mobile phone with a security buzzer at your fingertips. Voice Dialing 1 for pre-contact can be limited to a maximum of 20 people you call, it can not be connected to the Internet can be completely cut off from email and internet problems. Buzzer and security can be sounded by pulling the straps, while the ringing the buzzer, e-mail location phone numbers registered in advance (SMS) you can be notified in GPS capabilities, and features  waterproof, safety and ease of use has been achieved. Alternatively, you can easily use the mobile-only rate plan charm only 490 yen monthly fee.


  • Battery cover cap tightly closed and the external connection terminal ※,screw in battery cover is securely closed IPX5 (Old JIS 5 grade protection) has a waterproof performance. IPX5 and water injection nozzle using a 6.3mm diameter, from a distance of about 3m to about 12.5 liters / jets from any direction can rely on the condition that at least three minutes of water injection, it has a function as a phone means.

About Private Mobile Plans Mimamori

Basic fee: 1 490 yen / month

2 voice communications charges 1 21:00 Free
21 – 1:00 21 yen / 30 seconds
Send SMS charges Free
3 packet communications charges when searching under Free


  • 1 ※”mobile-only plan Mimamori” at will if you two a team of the year (variable). The moon changes (including the month after next two months, only the first billing month following the expiration of the contract) and non-cancellation of the contract cancellation fee 9,975 yen is required. If the two-year contract is 980 yen / month and will be.
  • SoftBank 2 ※/ mobile phone when calls to Disney. 24 families enrolled in case White is available for free for 24 hours.
  • Parents of the phone is 3 ※search, navigation position (210 yen / month) and S! Basic Pack (¥ 315 / month) must be enrolled. Moreover, as position finding rate, 5.25 yen / time consuming.
  • *The information listed in the press release, service / product prices, specifications, contact information and other information is at the time of publication. Are subject to change without notice. The forward-and the fact that target a variety of risks and uncertainties, predictions and may differ from actual results. Please note.

[source: e-Smartech]

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