15 Amazing Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7, being the latest operating system by Microsoft was built with a lot kept in mind. This article, as the title tells it all; is about some great themes available in world wide web for Windows 7. This specific OS by Microsoft was developed with a lot of thought process involved. With more defined security, better searching capabilities, Aero Peek and much more involved, looks were considered similarly. And as it happens with most great launches, developer community starts contributing as well. Themes are an outcome of many contributions.

Review the below screens, and follow the link to find out more (click on screenshot and will take you to download page). Its likely the page of the designer with a download link available. You can further register at the portal and leave comments for the developers of these Windows 7 themes.

Seven Plastic

Dark Pearl

Zune theme

Ultimate Black

7 theme

7 Dark


Black Transparent

Dark Pearl


Only Black


Ebony v2

Basic Blast
removed by creator.

Snow Leopard

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