3 Free Word Art Generators

A while back we reviewed a web app which allowed users to create legacy Windows word art. In short, a word art generator is a tool that enables users to create that 90s Windows art used in documents and presentations. In this article, we are sharing more word art generator material. A list of free word art generators which contain loads of design templates to start from. These generators do give a similar design vibe and contain both static and animated text templates.


3 Free Word Art Generators

First off is Flamingtext. It is a free tool and has 600+ designs to start off with. Upon landing, you can enter your name and start or simply select a style to get started. The next step will be the style text generator. Here you can modify the text, font size, font and advanced controls such as padding, spacing etc. Moving on modify colors if needed and add shadow. Lastly, add a background to the text logo being generated and download the image as a PNG file. This web app has paid options as well.


3 Free Word Art Generators

Second on the list is cooltext, another text graphics and word art generator. Pick a design from the existing list and add text to generate a word logo. The app has limited functionality. Only allowed customizations include font and text size.

Inkpx Word Art Generator

inkpx word art generators

Last on our list is Inkpx Word art generator. Similar to Flamingtext, this app offers lots of text and styling customizations. There are tons of word art designs available that are categorized. Users can download generated images in PNG and JPEG.

Feel free to add your recommendation (if any) in the comments and we’d be happy to review and update this list. Thanks for reading!

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