7 Best Camera Apps for Android

Cameras on smartphones are now much more advanced than they were in the past. Companies are desperate to make their cameras more reliable, work better in low light, and add features that people want. This is why a strong camera with the latest photography features is an essential selling point of smartphones these days. However, if your stock camera app doesn’t have what it takes, there are countless amazing software in store for you, especially if you are an Android smartphone user.

But, choosing the right app from a sea of camera apps is not easy. This is why we have compiled this list of the very best camera apps for Android that are going to take your photography to the next level.

Top 7 Camera Apps for Android Smartphones

Tired of your smartphone’s stock camera app? Here are a few great photography apps for your Android smartphone!

Google Camera

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Google Camera is the default camera app on Google Pixel’s smartphones, and it can be downloaded on other Android sets as well. The incredible image processing capabilities of this app are what make it stand out from others. 

One of the prominent features is a full-resolution night mode that enables its user to click exceptional pictures even in low light. Additional features include portrait mode, HDR, AR filters, multi-lens support, blurring background, slow motion shots, and stable video shooting. Thus, it is a free camera app that helps you get that perfect picture for your Instagram.

Open Camera

7 Best Camera Apps for Android

The Open camera is an open-source photography app with advanced features that work manually making it suitable for professional cameramen. It is a completely free camera app with a user-friendly interface and no ads that ensure flawless pictures without any bad shots.

Remote capture, capture by voice command, auto stabilization, HRD and DRO modes, burst-shot, slow-mo video, timer, noise control, microphone support, exposure lock, and portrait mode are some of its features that drive the interest of people who prefer professional-level pictures. So, an open camera allows you to have full control over your pictures and help you click satisfactory pictures effortlessly.


7 Best Camera Apps for Android

VSCO is a combination of a camera app and an editing app. Its camera quality is average while its editing features are outstanding. It enables you to click pictures, edit them, and share them directly. Additionally, it acts as a host for other cameras on your phone. However, many of its incredible features are paid for.

The editing features include adding filters, borders, and texts, adjusting sharpness, dimensions, clarity, and brightness, organizing pictures, and preset editing effects. It is easy to use, allows you to experiment with editing, and provide a perfect final picture.


7 Best Camera Apps for Android

Pixtica is among the newer camera apps for Android phones with modern features that other camera apps lack. Pixtica was created to keep up with the speed of the latest photography trends and more. Even for beginners, the app is meant is to use and you can take great shots without a lot of photography experience. Pixtica will reward you with the best photos of your perfect moments thanks to its adaptive features and fast techniques.

Time relapse and hyper lapse, tiny planets, slow-motion, GIF recorder, QR scanner, Panorama, fast resolution, filters, manual control, and exposure control are some of its best features. However, it provides much more than that allowing you to have a brand-new camera experience.

Photoshop Camera Photo Filters

7 Best Camera Apps for Android

Photoshop Camera is more of a photo-editing app with a built-in camera and photo filters. Its camera helps you click AI-controlled pictures by adjusting lens effects and filters. Other camera features are RAW support, several preset effects and modes, HRD, RAW support, and manual controls.

However, Adobe Photoshop as an editing app helps you achieve the highest level of editing with its features including hue and saturation, layer, color and sharpness adjustment, cropping, resizing, tone correction, and filters. So, it is one of the most used Android apps for editing pictures.

Camera FV-5

7 Best Camera Apps for Android

Camera FV-5 is designed for professional photographers. If you’ve used a professional camera, you may be familiar with the complete range of manual options available on the Camera FV-5. You have total control over every aspect of the pictures you take, including exposure, focus distance, and shutter speed. Using this camera app, you can shoot in RAW as well. Another useful feature is the ability to show a histogram in the viewfinder.

 The intervalometer, exposure setting, black and white adjustment, focus setting, shutter speed, RAW shots, light metering mode, bracketing setting, viewfinder, and aperture mode are some of its attention-grabbing features. All these features make Camera FV-5 your reliable partner as a photography app.


7 Best Camera Apps for Android

Cymera is one of the latest beauty camera apps for Androids and IOs phones. It is easy to use and free to download with some in-app purchases. The app also comes with a great photo editor. Cymera also allows you to experiment with your features through its facial adjustment tool. The app provides options to adjust your facial and physical features like changing the size of your eyes or nose.

The other features of this cool camera app include cute stickers, enchanting filters, special effects, lens flare effects, light-laked effects, and professional beauty tools. So it is an enjoyable free selfie camera app that allows you to click and edit the selfies you will fall in love with. 

The Wrap-Up

Smartphones have gotten much better at capturing pictures over the years, thanks to advances in camera technology. What you see on your smartphone’s camera is very close to what a standard camera or a mirrorless camera can capture in terms of color and detail. Often times the hardware of cameras embedded in smartphones are similar but what makes one stand out from the other is the camera app.

This is why we listed our top picks of the best smartphone camera apps for Android! Do you know any more cool apps? Are your favorite apps listed in our piece? Let us know in the comments below!

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