5 Best Free Screen Recording Tools

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Screen recording is a hefty and in-demand feature these days. It was very difficult to record your screen a few years ago, but now things have changed and many operating systems offer screen recording features. However, at times native screen recorders aren’t powerful, smooth, and feature-rich. Due to this, they tend to fall short for […]

22 Productivity Apps Infographic Will Make A Difference In Life


App stores have gazillions of applications available as of today. These apps are not limited to mobile devices. They are also web apps which are extremely responsive and interactive. Life has changed, and the utilization of applications has changed similarly. With a number of tasks being performed on daily basis – it’s necessary to get productive; […]

Top 5 Back to School Apps for Students

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Summer never lasts long enough, especially for students and kids, and just when you are finally used to doing nothing, it comes that time of the year when school starts again. That specific period can be very stressful since you have to buy new books, clothes, school supplies, dorm stuff, and the list goes on. […]

Smartphone Apps Developed For Consumers, Facts And Figures [Infographic]

Smartphone Apps Developed For Consumers, Facts And Figures [Infographic]

This infographic developed by onlinebachelorsdegreeprogram.com gives an overview to consumers about smartphone applications and usage since they evolved. The design is neat and catchy with app-styled icons visually depicting facts and information. We look at total applications available on all platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone, number of downloaded apps, app revenue, app usage, […]

How Important Have Apps Become [Infographic]

How Important Have Apps Become [Infographic]

Apps, Who doesn’t know about them! Be it Android apps, iOS, blackberry or Windows Mobile. All smart phone users are using some apps at some point. There is a lot of difference between having an app and using an app! One could install some hundred apps on device and never use even single one of […]