7 Must Have Free Windows Phone 7 Entertainment Apps [WT Picks]

Here is a list of  Windows Phone 7 Apps that will not only entertain you for hours on your new devices but will also be your new favorite apps. Let us know how was your experience with these apps.


Slacker is simply awesome, (click here for earlier review). Briefly, its a personalized experience of its kind. With experts tuning the radio for your taste. I always say “its Slacker baby!”. Like them on facebook for a free one month premium account, not that the free account is not good enough.


You can definitely just open the Internet Explorer on your WP7 device but the YouTube app makes the mobile experience just a bit more …. mobile, I would recommend making a tile of this app so that its always on your finger tips. We all love youtube after all.



It’s a movie box office in your smart phone. Open Fandango to let your device figure out your location and then purchase movie tickets from the closest theater. Check movie listings, trailers and much more. A must have for the movie fanatics. Also check out the sineplex free app if you are a  Scene member.


We know about this popular app but for those who don’t the concept is very simple and unique. Simply open Shazaam and point the device to any song thats playing and it will tell you the the song details. Name, Artist, Album and even lyrics if you have there paid app. Very useful for those “what’s the name of this song on the radio” driving moments.


This particular radio is more personalized towards your tastes. You get concerts and other local event alerts according to your taste and then there are also plenty other radio channels to choose from.



It’s a very different kind of music service. More geared towards the social aspect of music listening. You get to follow people with good musical taste and share music with friends. It’s a new free app for the WP7 platform.



This app does not need any explanation, it does what it says. Netflix on the go. Stream movies on your WP7 device if you have a Netflix subscription. You should definitelys sign up for a free one month subscription and try it out. The same account will work on your Play Station 3, XBox 360, Wii or simply on your desktops.

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