Backup Utility Takes Your Windows User Data Backup In A Single Click

Were you searching for a tool that can backup your Windows user data? Your search ends here – meet Backup Utility 4: a small portable application that lets you backup your Windows user data very smartly. In a single click you can take backup of any Windows user data for emergency usage. Backup Utility Takes Your Windows User Data Backup In A Single Click

Nothing scientific – on launch a small window opens; select the appropriate folders that you want to take backup of. One thing to take care is that don’t place it in any of the directories which you are taking backup of.

Once you have selected the checkboxes; hit Start button.  Testing was carried out on a system running Windows 7  32bit OS. Try it out on your machine and share your experience with us. One issue we faced on our system that after launch we tried to close the application without taking backup but it couldn’t be closed. Backup Utility 4 can be downloaded from HERE.

[via: JkWebTalks]



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  1. Gotta say I just tried out Fab’s AutoBackup and it’s awesome when you want to backup personal files before reinstalling Windows. Especially since you don’t have to worry about forgetting the My Documents folders or other such locations that are sometimes hidden through the Windows folders.

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