Add Quick Apps / Folders / Directories Shortcuts With MadApplauncher

The concept of Application Launcher or App Launcher is to give user quick and easy access to do certain tasks, actions, including but not limited to: launching applications, opening folders / directories, running scripts etc. There are a number of third party application launchers available for almost all platforms, be it Windows ,Mac or Linux.

MadAppLauncher, jumps in as the latest ‘simple’ application launcher. It uses the tab groups concept which reduces Windows desktop and taskbar clutter to a big extent. Some unique features of MadAppLauncher, which makes it stand out from other launchers, is its ability to create, open and save, quick access to launch / navigate via the keyboard and customization of application window in correspondence to size and position.


To start, simply start MadAppLauncher, right click any box (under the tab), edit and enter application details by locating the application and selecting it. Custom icons can be defined as well via the same window. Once you have associated required applications / folders / scripts etc., with the keyboard maps, simply hit the key and process will start. Always save settings before closing, to save all keyboard maps. You can add more than 300 quick shortcut / process ignition keys from this great app.

It’s a free Windows app, worth a try.

Download MadAppLauncher


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