Get Additional Info Of Your Android Device With Elixir [Free Android App]

Elixir is an Android app that works as a  system and configuration tool to enable you to achieve more information for your device. This App is usable as of Android 1.6. With Elixir controls all information concerning the general state of your device, hardware, software, system settings etc can be obtained. You can also make a few permitted changes to device settings as well. Elixir excitingly comes with widgets. These widgets though take a little time for the widget data to load but in the end that’s unavoidable. You can do everything the App has to offer from the console of your home screen.


Get Additional Info Of Your Android Device With Elixir [Free Android App]

Following is list of information you can access about your device:

* Hardware:
CPU, RAM, Battery, Display, Sensors, Internal memory, External memory, Camera

* Others:
Network, Wi-Fi, APN settings, Bluetooth, GPS, WLAN status, Sync settings, SD card etc

It controls comes into three categories of information, General information, Sensors and active Apps and services which are further divided into two sub categories/tabs. There are three tabs on the top of display one for each of the three categories. This app is free of cost with lots of helpful function.

Download it from HERE .




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