AirDroid: Take Screenshots / Control Android Device Wirelessly

Smartphone users are looking for better ways to manage their devices, be they phones or tablets. Plugging in via a USB cable and then loading the proprietary software in order to transfer files back and forth is a long, time-consuming and not-so-pleasing process. Previously, we reviewed LazyDroid, which helps you manage and transfer files wirelessly. It was a bit limited in features with not so friendly interface. The concept was simple, access a browser to transfer files, and manage and control device. All you have to do is start the app, and enter the unique URL created.

This time, it’s new, unique in design, fast and easy to use with all the controls one can require. The concept stays the same, but the approach is different. AirDroid is a fast and free app that allows users to completely manage and control Android phones or tablets wirelessly. This can be done so using any browser on any Operating System platform, Windows, Mac or Linux.



Launch the app after installation. The main screen will state the options of either opening a web address (on the desktop machine) or entering the unique passcode generated on your device. To make it even faster, point to and scan the QR code visible on the page. Yes, it’s that simple, the page will start loading on the browser. The main page would look similar to this (bottom image).


From the bar available on the top centre, a quick search can be done within Google Play, screens can be split into multiple desktops, with shortcuts to the quick message, speed install and fast upload. Users can have a quick preview of the device with the running Android version, available memory and storage. The status bar is visible in the bottom right corner highlighting battery life, radio and wireless strength. Quick icons are available for messages, apps, files, photos, music, videos, logs, contacts etc.

airdroid for android

File Manager for AirDroid is simply unique. Users can search for files, change the layout, create folders, cut, copy, paste, delete, upload and download any files/folders to the desktop. Click the Hotkeys link in the bottom right corner of the Files App for the quick tab on shortcuts for File Manager. And not to forget, users can download any file and folder in zip format by doing a right-click on the name.

airdroid for android

User can take screenshots. Root is required for this process. Open the built-in screenshot app, snap can be taken and saved.

airdroid for android

Apps allow user to manage applications installed on the device. Apps can be downloaded for backup purpose or simply uninstalled right from the browser. User can select apps and simply tap the Download button on the top right.

The functionality and usability of this application is great. Being completely web based, it does the job pretty well. Be it uploading or downloading files, taking screenshots, or sending messaging from the browser app. It is unique and becomes one of our favorites at WT.

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  1. is it possible to see the camera vision when connected ?

    i mean from you browser you see what the camera of the phone sees .
    is it possible ?
    if it’s not what software you recommend that works fine with Wifi protocol !?

    Best RegardsFarshid

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