Backup / Restore Your iTunes Library To A External / Network Storage

A great tip for iTunes users who are looking for ways to backup their library to any kind of storage. TuneSpan, is a free tool available for Mac which lets user take complete control of iTunes library. And if your iTunes is taking up lot of storage space because of your great music collection, this tool is the way to go.! All in one, it allows you to manage, backup and restore all your media files (music, videos, pictures) in your iTunes library.

Tool’s interface easily lets you see all your media files on different storage mediums in a comprehensive way. You can move files to any external storage or networked device. It wont remove any of the tracks from your play lists, play counts or from iTunes it self. Addition of backup to different storage mediums allows you to have files spread around different mediums.  Once the files are backed up, TuneSpan cleans up and moves the original files to trash, which will make your system more efficient and tidy. Location browser and advanced filtering are added features to the overall functionality of  TuneSpan.

Download TuneSpan

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