Best Color Palette Generators

Color schemes are critical to any creative project. For any given project, the best practice starts with ideation and creation of color palettes. What are color palettes in design world? Range of colors to be used for a particular creative project. In this article, we have compiled a list of best color palette generators which will simplify color selection around projects.

Palette Maker

Best Color Palette Generators

Palette Maker is one excellent palette generator. It is unique and super easy to use. Upon landing on the web app, you will be presented with palette filters on the left and a viewable listing grid of designs. Make a quick selection by hovering over the image and selecting start generator (for desktop browser). You will be presented with lots of palettes with examples.

Select a palette to see details (example screen above). Palette can be Exported as an image, Procreate, ASE and or code. Palettes are categorized. Filter from navigation to scroll through other categories including Web / Mobile UI, branding, illustration, typography, poster and pattern.

Muzli Colors

Best Color Palette Generators

Muzli, yet another simple color palette generator. Upon landing, you can search for color name or code, and select a color to start with. The homepage also shows popular color palettes. Every generated palette can be demoed in a live UI kit. You can modify the palette colors to see changes to the demo in real-time. Generated palettes can be downloaded as an SVG file (which is a plus).

Adobe Color

Best Color Palette Generators

Next up is Adobe color which could be listed as a pro color palette generator. Users can generate color palettes using a color wheel. You can also upload an image and extract color themes and gradients. Saved colors can be used in Creative Cloud and other Adobe products. One big plus here is the accessibility tools which allow users to do tests like color blind safe and contrast checker.


Best Color Palette Generators

This color palette generator is very intuitive and has a lot to offer. It allows user to create palettes and generate tints and shades based on it. To start, pick a color and see the app in action. The tool also comes loaded with swatches, color picker and mass editor. Mass editors enables user to type up hex codes of colors and update. App also comes with categorized palettes already generated for you.

The creators also offer other design and color tools including color palette from image.

color palette generator
Palettegenerator: Photo credit(uploaded to generator) by Benjamin Voros

Create Palettes from images


A color palette generator where you can upload an image and generate a palette from that. Yes, sounds fantastic. PaletteGenerator will create a color palette based on the predominant colors in the uploaded image. These palettes can have much utilization just like any color palette.

Canva Color Palette Generator

This palette generator by Canva allows users to create color combinations from an uploaded image. Hues within the image are used to create the color palette. Canva also offers color palette ideas which becomes a good resource for designers. Have a look at our detailed review of Canva.

Colormind is an AI-driven palette generator. Apart from being a decent color palette generator, it can extract color palettes from images. The app says ‘it aims to find good colors that work together in a color palette. The app is also loaded with website colors and templates. Selecting or generating one will give present you with different UI components examples.

Hope you enjoyed this color palette generation apps curation and don’t forget to share feedback.

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