Best Color Picker Apps – Quickly Pick Color Off Screen

Why would one need a color picker? Colors are everywhere on the screen. Every site you navigate to as a user has its own look and feel including the utilization of specific colors and palettes. At times, things catch your eye and you’d like to snipe down the color for your creative log. To identify the color codes, color picker comes in play. There are tons of online apps which enable users to upload an image and identify color codes. Here In this article, we are sharing some off-screen color picker apps where you don’t need to upload an image asset but simply point your cursor to get the required color code.

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Chrome Eye Dropper Extension

Eye dropper is an open-source extension available for Google Chrome. It allows users to pick colors from any web page within Chrome. There is also an advanced color picker for further selection. Eye dropper has more than a million users and is one of the best-rated color picker extensions.

Add to Chrome From here

Instant Eyedropper (Windows)

Instant Eyedropper is a color detection tool that points out an on-screen color’s hex value (#000000). It’s super easy to use and enables users to quickly find out the hex value of color and copy it to the clipboard. If you are looking for a different color code format – click Options from Menu to see further options. The app is completely free and is available for Windows and is lightweight.

Access Instant Eyedropper


ColorZilla is a featured Chrome extension and is listed as an advanced eye dropper and color picker. It has more than 3 million users. ColorZilla allows you to pick color from the page, and view the picked color history. Other features include webpage color analyzer, palette browser and a CSS gradient generator.

Best Color Picker Apps - Quickly Pick Color Off Screen
ColorZilla – color picker

ColorZilla on Chrome, ColorZilla on Firefox

ColorSlurp (Apple)

ColorSlurp , a color picker tool is available for free from Apple Store. The magnifier option lets you enjoy color selection functionality. You can create and edit colors using an assortment of color selection tools. Users can copy colors to different formats and organize colors into palettes.

Lastly, color picker apps are handy for all users. One easy trick for Photoshop or any other image editor user is to screenshot and import/copy the image to pick color. Snipping Tool on Windows comes in handy (how to take screenshots using Snipping tool). Do share with us any other useful tips or tools which would make color picking easy.

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