Best YouTube Canva Tutorials(2022)

Canva, the design app is getting more popular day by day. With over 30 million users – Canva is considered a king in the market. What is Canva? Canva allows you to create designs in a collaborative environment. It comes loaded with templates for all design needs including social media, marketing, custom prints and a video editor. Canva offers some great learning material with courses and tutorials via the platform. In this article, we are sharing recommended and most viewed YouTube content by digital creators on Canva.

Canva Tutorial For Beginners

Natalia Kalinska, a content marketing strategist and digital creator have a number of Youtube tutorials on Canva. This specific one we recommend is a well-laid-out YouTube tutorial on how to use Canva. This tutorial is almost 100 minutes in length and it covers all details of Canva from signing up for an account to creating and downloading designs. Close to the end, Natalia dives into Canva pro features including the brand kit and content planner.

Canva Tips and Tricks

Aurelius Tjin, a web entrepreneur – has a lot of interesting Canva-related tutorials on YouTube. 20 Canva Tips and Tricks is definitely something to watch as a Canva user. It will act as a good refresher for existing Canva users.

Canva Tutorial 12 Minutes

Aurelius has a 12-minute crash course in Canva. This enables users to understand the Canva basics quickly. The tutorial does cover all aspects of Canva from account creation to design exports. Anyone starting with Canva should definitely watch this. It will serve as a good starter towards understanding and getting a hang around features within Canva.

Canva Advanced & Video

There are tons of Canva tutorials one can find on Youtube. Here are some recommended ones in relation to advanced Canva layers and video editor tricks.

In conclusion, Hope you enjoyed these Youtube Canva Tutorials. Canva is an important tool to satisfy current design needs and is making its place in the market. There is a lot of knowledge material being put together by users on the web including Youtube. We shared a few interesting finds here and hope you enjoyed these recommendations. Do share your favourite Canva tutorial and we would be happy to review/make it a part of this list.

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