Brain Cube Is An Android App With Logics And Tricks

Android has introduced another outstanding and outrageous fun game application as Brain Cube by XIMAD. It is an exigent and demanding play. It has a free version and a Premium version. The Premium version cost is $1.99; it includes new dimensions and levels and does no contain any ads. It is played on every 1.6 and up Android based sets. Brain cube is free in Android market.

An Android App With Rolling blocks

Brain cube is based on the idea of how the player uses his logic to fix the rolling blocks into the right square holes. The player is supposed to stumble the rectangular blocks by using the mental faculty. The holes are present at different places and the level of difficulty varies according to the stage you are in. Though Brain Cube is simple and easy to handle yet it is captivating as the brain is involved.

During the attempt the player has to cross multiple dangerous situations in order to reach the destination. These mysterious experiences include deadly pikes which can be switched off by special switches, breakable wooden and glass tiles and many other dangers. They keep on getting tougher to be tackled as you move from lower levels to higher levels in the sport. Each fixture is unique in its own design and graphics. This makes the game play classic and catchy.

The cube in the game is completely mobile and can rotate in multiple dimensions. These adventures occur with beautiful background effects. That is the cause why the player does not get bored. Sometimes green isles appear floating over the ocean, and soon icy mountains are there, and at a glance plains of pure fire and even the endless space are confronted to the player. These serve as a catalyst in the development and maintenance of interest in the sport. Other than the pictorial enhanced qualities, the background music is very serene and provides peace of mind to the player. The sound can be controlled and you can turn it on and off according to your mood and choice.

Get it download and test your intelligence.



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  1. I cannot pass this level.It is the one pictured,green level six. There is no solution. I have completed all other cubes and levels. Any help? Kevin

  2. Fall to the right, tHen move to the right again so you are upright in the corner,fall forward, roll left, stand upright forward, fall left, stand upright left on to the symbol. Now you move to the other side and will be in two pieces. Move one of your pieces to the furthest middle right square and move the other piecein front of it. The will attach again and you can move it into the blue square.

  3. how do you move the second piece? with mine it’s just see-through and still

  4. push “space” to change block… I thought there was no solution because of course the only way was to put the block long on the right part… once you discover the “space” trick (btw it’s not explained in the instructions) it is quiet easy…

  5. I have reached a perfect score on each levels except one. The green level 9. I am finishing it in 16 moves. Your comments will be apreciated. I seek peace of mind…

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