Caribou Android App Breaks IP Based Security Locks

Caribou-Security-Breaching-AppWho says you need to be a registered guest to use that Holiday Inn jacuzzi? This is possible with just a push of a button to bypass any security on Cardkey door control systems with the help of Android power and potential. Security researcher Ian Robertson has come with an Android app you may ever had imagined about 🙂

Ian Robertson has built an Android App ‘Caribou’ that cab be efficiently used to bypass security on the popular Cardkey door control system. This app hacks the door locks through your Android device. Ian by using his HTC Droid Incredible, is bale to brute-force past any PIN and to unlock the doors he issues commands across the internet to the IP based system, grant 30 seconds to open them, then relock the doors again, and all this is done with the push of a button.

Caribou reveals not only the poor security of these systems, but a level of a 1337 that was never seen before on Android. This app may also influence many that they absolutely need to upgrade the security systems.


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