Keep Contacts / Messages / Call Logs / Photos / Videos Hidden, Protect Your Privacy With Vault [Android App]

Smartphones in consumer market have went up by huge numbers. People have access to the web with them at all times. It can be in shape of emails, feeds, applications etc. Smartphones are more of a ‘personal’ device. Apart from regular usage, we store pictures, videos, and a lot more of private information. In our daily life, we do hand it over to others for any thinkable purpose possible. Be it a friend or co-worker, they get around to scroll through your device; looking at pictures of your trip, going through an app which was recently discovered by you etc.

There is no possible way of filtering the data and information they are going through on the device. Vault, by NQ Mobile handles this problem very seriously. It is an app which protects your privacy by encrypting storage on your Android device. Overall privacy is based on encryption and password protection. Within these privacy limits, your data including contacts, messages, call logs, photos and videos are stored.

Once the app is downloaded, a screen will prompt you to set a unique password for your Vault. Next you will view ‘what’s new’ screen. Stealth mode allows you to hide Vault app icon from apps screen. The app can be accessed via the dial-pad by entering ‘##password’ and tap Call or dial in some cases.

SC20120608-234652 SC20120608-234722

Moving on, is your main screen which will appear every time you access Vault. Private space can be created for photos, videos, messages, call logs, contacts and view break-in attempts. Photos and videos can be added which will be encrypted, and are not going to be accessible without password.

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Moving on to messages and contacts, Users can select a contact from contacts, call logs, message logs or input it manually. Once a contact is added, all messages and call logs will be hidden. To add messages to the vault, you simply select them from SMS log. Similar way, a contact can be made private by selecting it from address book. All phone calls and messages will not appear in messages folder.


Break in alerts is a unique feature of this application. It will take a picture of anyone who tries to break into Vault. This specific feature needs a front facing camera. (running 2.3+). It will log the date, time with password entered and a picture. A quick and easy way to find out if someone tries to open your Vault.

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Break in attempts and Stealth mode are available in premium version only which can be upgraded for $3 CAD for 3 months. It also allows you to expand your vault messages and creation of fake vault. Users can change password at any time from settings which can be accessed by a quick tap on options. Settings towards status bar, vibrate and widget notification can be handled as well.

Overall a unique app with almost 2 million downloads. Its user friendly and handles all the required privacy policies in a very polite way. We would highly recommend this app, if you are one of those concerned about your privacy at all times.


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