Convert Flash SWF File To HTML5 For Devices With No Flash Support


Google Labs projects hold a significant place when it comes to developers and open development. Tools are created with number of tweaks and hacks involved within them. Flash content has been a significant part of World Wide Web. It has been developed on, globally. Though we have number of mobile devices or so called smartphones which are unable to handle such content due to restrictions or whatever reason the manufacturers and designers can throw at us. Mobile advertisers have been looking into a solution for such devices like iPhone. A quick was required but the question was, what it should be converted to?!

HTML5 is something which is supported by many smartphones and  all the latest devices would have it too! Google labs creation called Swiffy sorts it all out for us. You can simply upload and this tool will convert your file into HTML5. New file would run on any modern browser. Iit would not let you convert big and hasty content. But tests have been done on animations and advertisements. Check out this test image in both Flash and Swiffy converted animation, speed it bit slow, but the overall feel is good when we tested it on devices such as Nexus S, Blackberry, and iPhone.  Getting into the technicality, it uses SVG, HTML5 and CSS3 to render a similar compressed animation Thumbs up for developers!!!


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source: Google Code

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