Coolendar Syncs Your Calendar With Google / Apple iCal / Outlook


Yes, CSS5 is on the go big time and we can see the future of html being faster and more smoother. This great app we are about to share is based on the same technology, yet a collaborative Calendar app. Coolendar, a free online app  syncs up your calendar with famous Google Calendar, Apple iCal and Microsoft Outlook

imageQuick plans can be created by a simple text input and plan. Boom!, it will appear in your plans columns below with tabs availability of today, tomorrow, week and done plans. Once a plan is done, or the objective has been achieved, the plan can be moved to done tab by simply scrolling over the plan name and hit the gray tick mark! Notifications can be generated via email or Google Talk. Syncing can be done to the above mentioned account by hovering over your user name on the top right.

Overall Coolendar is a great online app with to the point minimal functionality and syncing capabilities with other famous networks.

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