Doodle Bowling Is An Android And iPhone 3D Game for Game Fanatics

doodle Bowling An Android 3D game Doodle Bowling is an awesome, little bowling game for Android and iPhone users. But don’t get fool by simply looking at these bluntly drawn lines; it  is a full fledged bowling game with some nice graphics. Physics and scoring is all realistic and over dozen funky themes to unlock. You can unlock more backgrounds with credit earned by playing more games.

Doodle Bowling goes with standard ten pin bowling score. While aiming to get strikes, doubles and turkeys you bowl balls down various cartoon alleyways. You can spin the bowl a bit after it’s thrown by you; simply swipe your finger left or right.

As far as levels are concerned you can find chalk blackboard level and an underwater level along with the standard graph paper and biro level. The game so far has been tested successfully on Android devices like HTC Desire and HTC Evo4G, Motorola Droid and Droid X, Nexus one, etc. The only thing it really lacks is a multiplayer option.

Doodle Bowling is available for free in the Android market for both iPhone and Android platforms. iPhone owners can also buy a Pro version (non-ad supported) for £1.19 if they wish to. Latest Version is available now with OpenFeint leader boards.




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