Friday, November 15, 2019

Draw, Paint And Save Backgrounds / Patterns With Sketchpad App


Yes as you can see lately, that we have been reviewing some great online apps related to photos and somewhat editing – slash – graphic creation. (including Pixlr editor, which is an image editor). This time, its Sketchpad on our review list. Being somewhat amateur graphic artist on my own, I gave this online app a test. Sketchpad is a great free online resource by Mugtug. The focus of this free tool is mainly colors, which can be related further on to gradient, pattern and swatch.


Once your are at Sketchpad, your main menu would give you the two key options, paint and light. What’s the difference between two? To put it aside simply, paint gives you the feel of a paint brush , while light ads a stroke to your brush on its own as a preset to give it a light effect. (depends on the foreground / background color selected).

Moving on, the Color tab gives you the codes and selection criteria based on HSV and RGBA. It makes your color selection easier. Gradient tab, has a really interesting feature to it. You can adjust the opacity, give a degree and adjust the colors on X Y scale from one tab. CSS5 surely does make it feel out with fast and pure performance.

We move one tab down, Pattern. lets you adjust the opacity level of any pattern. Swatch tab gives you access to all sorts of colors, gradients and patterns available. There are some third party patterns available as well by different designers which tells us what this app is capable of!. History tab is an added control which lets you use the ctrl + z  / undo easily.


Tools bar (present on left side), gives you key controls to selection, crop, text, shapes, spirograph, brush, background, stamp, erase, color selection, and foreground / background selector. More configurations can be handled by simply clicking one of the tools. A new tab will appear with added options for that specific selection.  All the tools are well known expect for spirograph. Spirograph lets you creates sprial kind of shapes using gradient / pattern colors and added controls to inner, outer, diameter, speed and resolution of a hypotochoid or epitrochoid. A bit confusing, when it comes to writing. But, it is ‘for sure’ something to try out. The backgrounds you can create with spirographs and patterns are quite impressive.

Saving option is currently not available but is soon expected to be a part of mugtug’s Sketchpad. But, still if you hit the small save icon! A new window will appear with your created image in .png file. Simply right click and save it for whatever purpose you like.

Do use this great tool and give us your feedback on it.

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