Easily Capture / Take Screen Shots Based On Selection On Windows

screenshot-wow-techyWhen it comes to taking screen shots on Windows based systems, print screen button on your keyboard is not the best option always. Later on you do need to import that image into some editor and crop the required area out. There are number of screen shot tools available, some are free, some paid and some don’t work as great. Recently we had a chance to review Screenshoter tool. Just being 150KBs in file size, it does the job in a great way. You can snap screens based on region, either full screen or selected area. Once you hit selected area, a new screen appears asking you to select the required area. You can simple click and drag your mouse, select your area and save it. For saving, supported image formats include JPEG, PNG and BMP.

The tool is not that simple, it does give you some advanced controls as well. Hit the options tab on top left and you options will further narrow down to screenshot , saving, window, other, language, save and reset settings. You can control cursor visibility, saving quality, filename, window settings and language settings. This tool currently supports only 6 languages. More support could be seen in future updates. The best deal, its one exe file so make it even portable. Take it on the go, kind of tool! Lastly, a great tool which lets you capture screen with selection and makes screen sharing easier.

Download Screenshoter


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