Thursday, September 24, 2020

Easy To Use Finance / Expense Manager With Sync / Backup / Export [Android App]

Productivity holds a key part when it comes to the usage of smartphones. Being an Android user, have always been looking for a somewhat unique, simple and loaded app for managing finance or expenses. Toshl Finance, was definately something which was full of those features one would keenly look for!. A very simple and easy to use app which makes finance management on your smartphone easy, saves you time and requires hardly any effort.

Very neat in design and usability, it allows users to manage finances based on expenses, tags and budgets. For example, you pay monthly bill for your cellphone, so ‘cell phone’ can be a tag on its own. It helps you manage everything in order, making it easier to manage and archive expenses. Once you download the app, simply register by email, password and device name. Next step would be setting up Currency. Toshl goes global by adding this feature.



Next screen would be your main screen at all times, after login. Keeping in mind, for first time users, it would always show a tip in the empty space. As in the shot below we can see the empty space with a ‘tap the Add button’ bubble. You can add expense by entering amount, tag, date, repeat settings and description. Tap ‘Save’ and it will take you back to expense screen, showing the expense with date next to it. Once you have added a number of items, a time-span would generate on its own. Tap ‘Timespan’ to find archive of last 30 days, month, or all time.



Toshl (with L at the end) is very smooth when it comes to screen transitions. Backup icon would appear, once its doing 0nline sync with cloud. The whole archiving concept of this app makes it stand out. Next tab is Tags which allows users to name their expenses and save them as tags. It will make the archiving better. Tap a tag and it will reveal all the expenses below it. Budget tab allows users to create different budgets. For instance, Home, office, business etc.



Hit Options and tap Roundup. This screen gives user a total of either 30 days, month and / or all time. Users can export to text, excel, PDF and Google Docs. Exporting to Text (.cvs) is the only option available in the free version. And users can only create one budget in the free version as well.



Overall a great app, which we would recommend to all our Android users. And the ones who are not, do give it a try once you have one! In one statement, its unique style and simplicity would help users manage their finances in a better way.


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