Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Fix / Repair All Kinds Of Damaged Corrupt Files With File Repair

Windows is a somewhat open system with a lot of development going on, be it freeware open platforms or full frame software. Files can get corrupt at any time because of any reason. They can get damaged as well. And because of not knowing what exists, end up paying geeks some bills to get it fixed. Well there is File Repair, a freeware software with can fix and repair corrupt damaged files. Simply select the source file which needs to be repaired and hit ‘start repair’. Currently file repair supports word documents, excel spreadsheets, zip / rar archives, video and image formats, pdf documents, Access databases, Power Point files and different music formats.

It is not certain that the fix or repair is going to be 100% positive because it totally depends on the damage itself. For instance, if the damage file has no size, then its obvious it cannot be repaired. File repair can fix common errors like unrecognized file format, files which cannot be read, accessed, default application unable to open file,  low and out of memory errors.

On the con side, multiple files are required to be added manually. Regardless File Repair can fix files which are corrupt or damage because of power failure, network interruption, virus infection, networking sharing and application errors. It is available for free and supports Windows.

Download File Repair

source: ghacks

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