Fix & Restore Your PC To Default Factory State

Windows 7 is no doubt an upgrade to vista! but still at times, you do get crashes, number of glitches, system failures and what not! What do you do when that happens?! You end up taking it to a geek to get it fixed for an unusual cost! On the contrary, you might end up backing up everything and then formatting your pc, installing the windows from start! To cut it small, you will have to start from scratch.


A great free tool was discovered to make it much more easier, to recover and resolve any kind of PC issues by a simple click. RefreshPC does it all for you. Simply download it, create a restore point (if you don’t have one) and click refresh my Windows 7 settings. It reduces errors being produced and fix other its – bits present in the configuration as well.  Once you have ran through the process, a new window will pop up with all the changes made to registry entries, services, temp folders, and prefetch files. A reboot is must just like any other ‘kill’ process.

source: Usman @ AT

Download Refresh PC tool

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