Eco Mode Is A Free Android App That Saves Your Phone Battery Life

Eco Mode Android App

Eco mode is a free Android app which functions similarly to the latest DOCOMO featured phones. The application is available with the least features for simple operations so that users not familiar with Android phones can use it easily. Eco mode is also said to be a widget for the battery. Auto eco restricts some functions when the battery level of the Android reaches the threshold.

These are as follows:

– Wi-Fi

– Bluetooth

– Animation

– Screen timeout

– Screen brightness

– Auto-rotate screen

The device so far has been tested on Galaxy S [SC-02B] (2.2), Nexus One (2.3.3) and Nexus S (2.3.2).

Eco mode allows users to set the eco mode to “Auto” and “On” by using either the application or the widget. Auto Eco mode facilitates users in the following ways:

– Switches to eco mode automatically according to the remaining battery power.

– Smart energy consumption; allows users to choose from 9 power-saving items including the functions of LCD brightness and screen timeout control.

This free app will keep your handset’s battery alive as it applies Auto Eco mode to it. You can download this free Android app.



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  1. Is there an update for this device because I’ve had my on for years and now I can’t turn back on

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