Google Music Sync To Cloud Works On Android 2.3.3 Roms

If you have the latest Android 2.3.3 build aka Honeycomb, Google Music Sync will now work on your Android, for Select Root Device originally appeared on AndroidGuys.

Google Music Sync Works To Cloud On Android 2.3.3A developer has tested the app by syncing his music, replaced the memory with a blank one, and the music played from the cloud. This taste of music service was first demonstrated at Google I/O all the way back in May 2010. The process is somewhat involved and has not been perfected yet. The formal acknowledgement of the Google Music Sync service has not been made though but it gives an idea that Google’s music service is just around the corner. Widely expected to roll out and/or hit the Android Market in the near future, Google Music should be a cloud-based server for holding your music files.



We’re wondering if Google Music (Sync) will roll out ahead of this year’s conference or if that will be part of a big 2011 announcement. Google found it a big way to introduce the service, showing that it works with today’s Android phones.

[VIA: Droid-Life]

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