The Great Ball Drop Is A Physics Based Android Game

The Great Ball Drop 1.0 is a nice and challenging physics based ball-drop puzzler for Android 2.2 and higher. Interestingly, the great ball drop is an impressive app that mixes physics with drawing together. The app comes with various twists to provide hours of fun. You need to draw a path to guide the ball to the basket. You can pick up tokens and race the clock to up your score and with the prizes in 43 levels of play.The Great Ball Drop An Android Game

The Great Ball comes with the following Features:

-Great music

-Free Updates

-Great tutorial

-Well done tutorial

-Explore and find new balls

-Fun and interesting obstacles

One issue with the great ball drop that may prove to be irritating is that to erase a path every time you have to restart the game. You can download The Great Ball Drop app, one of the best free games around, form the Android market. Available to you in only 1.99$.